First Things First | Edit

Xyzzy  Award Award WinnerXyzzy Awards: Best Puzzles, 2001



Version 3.0

A text adventure by J. Robinson Wheeler. © 2001
Published by JRW Digital Media.

“An old-school puzzle romp with a touch of wry self-mockery… I don’t believe I have encountered any in which the time travel implications are so extensively implemented.”

—Emily Short

“A good old-fashioned puzzle-filled IF experience.”


About the Game

You’ve just arrived at home from your nightly visit to the science and invention section of the local public library, where you spend each night dreaming your dreamy dreams of one day inventing a time travel machine. Tonight, for some reason, you’re especially fatigued, and can’t wait to get inside and go right to bed. Seems like a good plan, but somehow you have a premonition it’s not going to be that easy…

Download and play First Things First

For all systems. To play, you’ll need a TADS 2 Interpreter – visit for interpreter downloads.

Documentation. To view this file, you need an Acrobat Reader for your system.

First Things First is freeware, but if you would like to make a donation in support of the author (and perhaps encourage him to finish writing the sequel), please click the button below to make a transaction via PayPal.