The Key to other Keys

OR: I should have done this long ago

It was a cold and rainy eve the night that we first met
And though I may not recall her face her smile I can’t forget

—“Dylan in C” (1994)

I should have bought one of these years ago, I think to myself, trying out my guitar capo for the first time. Just clamping it on for the first time, then playing the same old chords I only know how to play, have played for years until it all sounded monotonous, brought out other tones, harmonics, melodies, tunes. So that’s why people use these things, I think. Suddenly a new flood opens out of the rock, out of the aether, when you just tighten up to a different set of chords, in a higher key. There’s three new inspirations with two new positions.

I should have done this long ago, I think again. But at least I gave myself time to level up on playing those chords, so I could just let myself play around now that I finally got this – key. It’s like a key. A key that unlocks other keys. Which lead to new passages, new doors, new territory.

I never could play the song I wrote years ago, specifying a key, that I didn’t have access to, until this key unlocked that key, finally.

Technically there should be a video or audio clip here of me playing a song, but I should have done that in the last week of October, which is when this memory is from, instead of now, so for now, tonight, I’ll just write about the memory. That moment passed. I have to wait until the next right moment comes, when I play something that I record in order to post it, again. It has been a long time. An elliptical orbit.

I’ll explain that metaphor later, in case anyone doesn’t get it.


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