Expert Contract Services

JRW Digital Media has provided expert contract services to a variety of individual clients and companies, local and international, since 1994.

  • Freelance contract services, operating in print, web, audio, and film/video.


  • Screenplay consulting and editing.
  • Freelance manuscript editor and proofreader, including the popular science book Cosmic Catastrophes.

Game Design: Interactive Fiction (modern text adventure games)

    • Little Falls (2007) ( English localization) by Alessandro Schillaci, Roberto Grassi and Enrico Simonato, published by Mondi Confinanti


  • Highly experienced and fluent in all aspects of cinema production and post-production.
    • Audio engineering and recording, sound design and editing, audio mixing, music recording and mixing, location sound recording and mixing, foley recording, mix re-recording, ADR recording.
    • Visual effects design and animation, effects compositing, model design, greenscreen videography, Flash animation and programming, titles design and rendering.
  • Music videos
    • Rejoice” (2007) – Artist: Amit Shoham, Tarantic Records. Director/Editor/Animator/Compositor.
    • “Sinner to Sunrise” – (2003) – Artist: After 909. Camera operator.
  • Documentary Film
    • “Our Beginning” (2004) – Director/editor.
    • “Marilyn Horne Foundation: Master Classes” – Videographer, sound recordist (2001).
    • “Souzay: A Life in Art” (1999) – Sound recordist, editing consultant (uncredited).
    • “Prisoner/Victim Mediation Sessions”, for the Texas Department of Corrections (1996-97) – Camera operator.

Technical Skills and Software

  • Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Commotion DV, and DVD Studio Pro.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash, Director, Paint Shop Pro, SoundEdit 16, ProTools.
  • Audio engineering and A/V equipment set-up: cameras, editing decks, patch bays, sound mixers, microphones, instruments, monitors, computers, cables, etc.
  • Typesetting and desktop publishing, book and package design.
  • DVD design and authoring.
  • HTML & CSS authoring, Perl CGI programming, website design.
  • Flash animation and ActionScript.

Our client list includes:

  1. Tecom, Inc.
  2. Sheshunoff Information Services
  3. South-by-Southwest Multimedia Festival 1996
  4. Venable Industries, Inc.
  5. The Texas Department of Corrections
  6. Thunderhead Media
  7. Kolliker-Brown Design
  8. Wilshire Homes
  9. Austin Asset Management
  10. Rake Films
  11. The 2C Group
  12. Caducian
  13. Fool’s Guild Productions
  16. Mondi Confinanti
  17. TextFyre
  18. IGDA Writers Guild
  19. AppSecInc