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What to Do on Saturday Afternoons (24 Jan 1998)

24 January 1998 – 5:33 pm
At Offices – Austin, TX

What to Do on Saturday Afternoons

There are nights followed by mornings-after when I’ve had it up to here with this place and its clientele and with coffee and especially with cigarette smoke. I wake on these mornings with a dry throat and no energy at all to rise and I feebly declare that “I shall not go there again today, perhaps never again!”

And then what happens is that tea time rolls around, and it seems that it would be splendid to have a warm cup of coffee and to read a book — perhaps even do some drawing — and then, here I am. I had more to say about the people who work here — who smile when I come in and wave when I leave, but didn’t notice at all that I wasn’t here for nine days. Why should I expect them to? Perhaps because I notice when they are gone for a few days. Oh, well.

Especially on Saturday afternoons, when the sunlight turns slanty and golden, this place seems just the thing, and often it meets my expectations. One is moved to think God created the coffee bean and tobacco leaf and the book, just with Saturday afternoons in mind.


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Interactive Writing Conf – Autumn 2014

I want to put together an interactive writing conference, in an unlikely place. I have looked into the future, and it is will have been having going to happened, so I know it will shall have worked out, but not yet.

Do you know how I should get the thing started. Does it take some sort of LLC to reserve a venue, or can you just do it with phone calls and emails. Would you be available to show up, a year from now, plus or minus.

Might I invite everyone I can, and who else can be there, and how do you do a conference, in a year?

I’ve seen that it is has was been happened, but it still could not happen. But, it might have been actually did.



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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Dr Who 50th Anniversary

Well, Steven Moffat swung for the fences and tried to write the Doctor Who episode of his life. He had a lot invested in it.

It turned out to be the best multiple-Doctor episode in the series history.

My one-quote comment, that I’ve been working on for a couple of hours now, is thus:

“That really was very good. That was really, really, very good. Indeed. With all “very”s pronounced in Tom Baker’s voice, as ‘veddy’. Looking forward to seeing it in 3D at the cinema next Monday night.”

Cheers, be seeing you


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