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Very Superstitious

In which I read my Free Will Astrology horoscope for July 1, 2010

Have you been doing a lot of sweating and grunting from sheer exertion in 2010? Have you thrown yourself conscientiously into the hardest, smartest labor you’ve ever enjoyed?

Yes, and yes.

I hope so, because that would suggest you’re in rapt alignment with this year’s cosmic rhythms. It would mean that you have been cashing in on the rather sublime opportunities you’re being offered to diligently prove how much you love your life.


The next six months will provide you with even more and better prods, Libra, so please find even deeper reserves of determination. Intensify your commitment to mastering the work you came to this planet to do.

*More* determination? Sigh. Fine, fine, mumbly-mumble…

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Health and Heaviness


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